Open House (Face-to-face)


We invite you to live a fun, educational and competitive experience with robotics and video games at "Techno Inventors".

  • Have you thought about taking advantage of your children's interest in technology, to motivate them to educate themselves?
  • Do you notice that your children have a great interest in technology, science, mathematics, arts, inventions and programming?
  • Can you imagine your children in Technology Olympics, representing their country around the world?


Most parents have seen the interest that their children show in technology and want to know if participating in fun workshops on robotics, video game design and new technologies is an alternative for their children.

We all know the value and excitement a student experiences at a science fair. Imagine that your children participate in a program that holds science fairs with advanced technologies throughout the year. After living an experience in "Techno Inventors", it will be easier for them to understand the benefits that their children would gain when they participate in an educational or competitive program.

“Open House” (Parents and Adults)

Parents will have the opportunity to receive an orientation about all the programs offered, days, hours, competitions, events, towns, ages, costs and benefits.


  1. They will increase their cognitive level and interest in studies.
  2. Learn about various new technologies, the ones that are not taught in everyday education, while having fun.
  3. Gained experience related to careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.
  4. They will learn the concepts that are currently offered in universities around the world.
  5. They will strengthen communication skills, social interaction and teamwork in a fun environment.
  6. And much more!

For more information, contact us.

  • (787) 233-5736


  • Saturday 20 August of 2022, 11 AM.
  • Saturday 20 August of 2022, 2 PM.


Architecture Theater of the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. 377 Ponce De Leon Ave. San Juan, San Juan 00918


100% entry Free



55 Calle Alhambra, San Juan PR 00917

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Open House - Techno Inventors Robotics and Video Game Creation

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