How is the virtual workshop offered?

Through a video conference through Google Meet, Zoom or Teams. The instructor will guide students through a series of personalized lessons and provide examples for students to view as they work on building their own projects.

Workshops that include the live instructor include 1 hour of live instruction + 1 hour of self-paced project development per day.

The workshop that does not include the live instructor is projected to take 1 hour of self-study + 1 hour of practice.

Quality control or "Quality Control"

To guarantee the best educational service and teaching quality, two instructors are assigned in all sessions together with a quality control staff. If difficulties are identified in the participant, the Quality Control team will call the participant to resolve their needs and thus not interrupt the session.

What are the benefits?

Techno Inventors participants develop the skills necessary to be able to live in a world overloaded with technologies. Opens doors in the most prestigious universities in the world. They acquire knowledge in computer programming, mechanics, electronics, animation, design, and graphic arts development. They are exposed to world-class competitions which develop leadership, teamwork, socialization, problem solving and emotion management in times of crisis. These are just a few of the thousands of benefits.

How do I register?

Directly on this website is the easiest way. 

If you want to know more information, you can contact a specialist consultant: (787) 233-5736, LiveChat on this website or at https://facebook.com/technoinventors.

Payment methods or donations:

  • VISA, MC: https://technoinventors.com/paym
  • ATH Movil Business: / technoinventors
  • PayPal: info@technoinventors.com
  • Check or money order addressed to Techno Inventors
  • Deposit to checking account



What are the age ranges?

Most of the groups are organized in the following ranges: 8 ~ 12, 13 ~ 15 and 16 ~ 18 years old. Because workshops are offered at different times. The first participants to register define the age of that schedule. After there is an age in the schedule, the new entrants choose the group they want to participate as long as the age is more or less 2 years above or below the first enrollment. 

What is the size of the groups?

Participants are organized in groups of no more than 8 students.

Technical requirements

For video game workshops you will need Windows 10 or Mac with audio and video capabilities. For virtual robotics programs Windows 10 is used only, it does not work with Mac. We do not recommend tablets, cell phones or chromebooks. 

We also recommend the following for a better experience: internet with more than 10Mb of download and 3Mb of upload. A computer with a recent processor from the last 5 years. A solid state hard drive and 16GB of RAM (8GB can work, but some issues can also arise and be a bit slow at times).

What is the duration?

Saturday or after school sessions are offered for a minimum of one week (5 consecutive days for one hour, Monday through Friday) up to a maximum of 10 months. 

Summer camps are offered in a minimum of one week up to a maximum of 10 weeks.

The Christmas camp is offered on 6 non-holiday days. 

Professional development workshops for adults are offered in blocks of hours. 


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