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Robotics Course (Windows 10 Only)



The course allows you to learn robotics using the LEGO® Mindstorms® platform. With a focus on robotics and STREAM. Through projects you can learn how to program a robot almost identical to reality, the advantage is that you can do it from anywhere virtually.


$75.00 $39.00

Other Information


Older 8+

Course Length

5 hours of theoretical learning
5 hours of practice and execution

Course access

90 days

Access to the platform



100% virtual, pre-recorded content

Internet connection

4 MB / s -minimum-


PC with Windows 10
The VRTK simulator and LEGO Mindstorm software are not available on MacOS, iOS, and Android.





What will I learn in the course?

  • You can use LEGO® Education software to program your robot efficiently.
  • You will solve incredible challenges, training your thinking so that when you make the transition from the virtual robot to the real one you feel like you have done this before.
  • You will identify strategies to build and develop a more efficient robot.

Course requirements

  • Microsoft email for access to the Virtual Robotics Toolkit simulator. If you do not have one, Techno Inventors will provide it to you within 24 hours after purchasing the course.
  • Little or no previous experience in Robotics.
  • Install previously On your LEGO® Education electronic device (it's free), the first chapter of the course shows instructions on how to install it.
  • Internet connection 4 MB / s -As minimum-.
  • Please note: If you do not meet the devices (computer, internet or user), you can contact To rent equipment or a space in our facilities per hour of use at (787) 233-5736.

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Certified instructors

We help our participants raise their skills and talents to achieve great goals. Our instructors are certified and -Even more importart- They are humble people, with great empathy and passion for their work.

Mrs. Marisol Cabrera

Administration and Human Resources

Ing. Gerardo Fernandez

WRO and computing

Ing. Cesar Cabrera

Robotics, video games and computing

Mr. Lesty Carrion

Engineering student

Ing. Miguel Morales

Robotics, video games and computing

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