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04 - 05 Nov 2022


7: 00 am - 3: 00 pm

Robotics and Video Games Expo “Technology Inventions Party”

Parents, Students, Colleges, Schools, General Public and Educators:

Returns the ROBOTICS AND VIDEO GAMES EXPO “TECHNOLOGY INVENTIONS PARTY”, the event with the most variety of emerging technologies and Robotics in all of Puerto Rico.

It is a privilege for us to be able to invite you to the 9th edition of the Technology Inventions Party, this year with new seasons and new challenges that all participants will enjoy.

This event brings together people from all over Puerto Rico to expose themselves to the most modern and advanced technologies in the world, which are used for education.

The participant will develop an attractive experience that strengthens technological, scientific, mathematical, artistic and creative knowledge. For the participants, the experience is perceived as great fun; for Techno Inventors it is a new language to transmit STEM education to our students.

Entry protocol: For entry to the event you must arrive at 7:30 am with your box office. Registration closes at 9:00 am, the time the event starts.

Entrada: For students and adults in general. Enter the event to the exhibitions, know the exhibitions and demonstration stations.

Contact: +787 233 5736

Form your team or participate individually. Enjoy an experience full of innovation, creativity, teamwork and lots of technology.

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Technology Inventions Party

7: 30am - 9: 00am
Reception of students and general public

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