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Winter Break Camp 

December 26-30 and January 2-4.



You will be able to program a videogame, by means of conditions and actions of the objects. You can also insert images and animate them
Mbot Creative and Design

Mbot Creative and Design

A robot so friendly and easy to handle, that it allows children, or those who have never had contact with a robot, to get hands-on experience in programming, electronics and mechanics with the same kit.
Augmented Reality with Merge Cube

Augmented Reality with Merge Cube

MERGE CUBE is a 3D Augmented Reality Device Those codes serve as a trigger. When you scan the cube with your mobile device — it will work with an iPhone, an iPad, and it works with Android, but you have to have the Merge Cube app on it. When you scan the cube, and...

Coder Z: Virtual Robotics LEGO

Coder Z: LEGO Virtual Robotics. This is a complete course on virtual LEGO robot programming using the Coder Z platform. In it you will learn to program a robot by solving specific challenges for each of the lessons.
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