CATEGORY: Virtual TechCamp

Roblox Design

Course Access: Lifetime
Race Overview

Videogame Design on Roblox

Will you design?
You will design a video game with Roblox Studio, which is a platform for designing modern video games which you can play. You will learn the technical skills necessary to implement the Roblox Studio tools, as well as the fundamentals of design and engineering principles for video game development. You can complete your own obstacle course!

Online course requirements:

  • Mac or Windows PC
  • Roblox Studio installed
  • Webcam
  • Internet connection

What will you do?

  • Create and publish games on the Roblox website
  • Discover the basics of level design
  • Learn how to sell items in games
  • Create teams and add checkpoints to the game


  • Instructor
  • Direct instruction and project development


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