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Please check our rules y policies

Applies only for face-to-face summer camp

Welcome to our On-site Summer Camp. We are happy because we are starting a new session in which we are going to have fun learning.

Below we provide you with important and valuable information that you should know. Please read it carefully and carefully so that you are aware of the information that applies for each week. Also access by: https://bit.ly/3BAjm5S

Additionally, on page 4 of the document you will find the “General Agreements” that provide more details about our policies, behavioral rules and requirements. These must be printed and signed at the beginning of your first session.

Please read, complete and deliver: https://bit.ly/3gBLLQn

Address: https://g.page/estream-academy? share 55 Cll Alhambra, San Juan

Thank you.

Applies to all offers in general

We THANK you for your interest and commitment to join our family. We want you to know that we are passionate about education. Participants will have a lot of fun while educating you.

To participate it is important that you know our General Agreements, since when you register by making your payment, you are accepting them.

If you do not agree with any of them, you will not be able to participate and must request a refund.

The primary goal is to inspire eSTREAM education.

General agreements and liability release

1. We believe that the dignity of the human being is inviolable and that we are all equal before the law. Therefore we will not establish any discrimination based on race, color, gender, sexual orientation, birth, origin or social condition, or political or religious ideas.

2. Every person responsible for the participant must read and accept the terms and conditions.

3. The tools and materials are provided by the institution and are designed exclusively for the use of the participant within the service area with the purpose of providing a unique, complete and advanced experience. Participants, with the guidance of the educator, are responsible for the proper use and care of them. In case of intentional deterioration, theft or loss, it will be the father / mother or person in charge of replacing it within 24 hours.

4. The use of any object, game or electronic device that does not have to do with the service that is being offered at the moment or affects the performance or learning of the participants is not allowed. This will be confiscated and stored in the office. The adult in charge must pick up at the end of the workshop. This includes, but is not limited to, the following electronic objects or devices: cards, board games, laptop, cell phone, gameboy, DS, 3DS, PSP, PSPvita, Smartphones, Ipads, Tablets. We are not responsible for damage, theft or loss of your equipment.

5. Any violent behavior, both physical and psychological (teasing, profanity, etc.) is prohibited. Any type of physical or verbal aggression is not accepted at Techno Inventors. If this happens, those involved will be automatically expelled from the program without the right to reimbursement.

6. If the participant behaves in a way that affects the performance and / or learning of others, he will have up to a limit of three (3) warnings:

  • A. First. Referred to office or administration for verbal orientation.
  • B. Second. It refers to the office or administration, the person in charge will be called to pick up. It will also be suspended until the next period.
  • C. Third. You will be expelled from the service, without the right to a refund.

7. Participants are authorized to use the facilities of the institution according to the agenda established in the program, so as not to affect the other functions of the same.

8. The participant must be with his group at all times. Under no circumstances are students allowed to walk around non-designated or authorized areas, unless necessary and accompanied by authorized personnel.

9. Strangers or strangers are not allowed within the area designated for services. This includes playgrounds, gardens, snack or lunch area, classrooms, work areas, etc. With the exception of Achievement Day where we have an open invitation for all visitors.

10. We reserve the right of admission to the facilities.

11. We foster an atmosphere of respect, therefore excessively affectionate or affectionate behavior between participants, instructors or administrators is prohibited. For this reason, it is understood that participants are not allowed to kiss, touch or hug each other during the workshop hours, nor in the areas designated for it.

12. Pets are not allowed.

13. The consumption of food or drink is not allowed in the classroom.

14. Smoking, the consumption of controlled substances and / or drinking alcoholic beverages inside the premises and / or any event that takes place inside or outside the institution is prohibited. This could be just cause for expulsion (without the right to reimbursement), as our organization encourages a healthy and healthy environment.

15. In the event that the participant is under medical care, no staff is authorized to supply medications of any kind. If it is necessary for the participant to take any medication, it is the father / mother, guardian or guardian who is obliged to supply it or otherwise the participant must not appear due to his / her health. If the participant's medical condition is contagious, they should not attend. You are kindly requested to notify us by phone or in writing of the participant's absence.

16. Summer Camp, Christmas, Saturday and After School Program: Requires clothing: Official T-Shirt of the institution, closed shoes and long pants. Flip-flops, shorts, shorts, skirts or shirt cuts are not allowed. Only once will the institution donate one (1) official T-shirt. Additional shirt has a cost of $ 10.00. Does not apply to eSTREAM Academy

  • A. If the participant is dressed inappropriately, a first verbal reminder will be given.
  • B. In the second instance and without distinction of person, the manager will decide whether to come to pick you up or to invoice you for a new shirt.
  • C. In the event that this program is being offered in a school, college or academy, as an elective or after school program, the clothing that applies is the uniform of the educational institution.

17. Full payment of the service registration is required to reserve the space in it, this includes taxes.

18. Our payment methods are: Visa, MasterCard, ATHMovil business check, money order, cash and paypal. At the moment American Express is not accepted. In the event that you pay by check and it is returned due to insufficient funds, you will be charged an additional $ 25.00 to those imposed by the bank.

19. Late payments: After 5 calendar days from the date established in the project payment plan, it is considered late payment and you will be charged $ 30.00.

20. Participation Policy: It is a requirement that the participant complete four (4) modules to be entitled to a Certificate of Participation. In the event of two (2) absences or more (runs or interrupted, justified or unexcused) you lose this right without distinction of person. In the case of the Saturday Course or Summer Camp, the participant can replace modules in the next session, with prior agreement and subject to availability of space and module. To do this, you must coordinate in the administrative office, whatever is most convenient for the student. In addition, in order to receive a certificate, you must have made the total payment for the workshop according to the level in which you are participating and the payment agreement that has been established.

21. If the participant wishes to change the schedule of the program in which he will be participating (if the option exists), this must be requested at least five days in advance of the original start date of the workshop.

22. Cancellation Policy: If for any reason there is a need to cancel your participation, during the session for which you originally registered, you must do so one (1) week prior to the start date of the session initially requested to have right to reimbursement. Otherwise, your registration may be honored for the next session only. Failure to attend the next session loses the right to reimbursement. In any case, a cancellation charge of $ 30.00 will apply.

23. Withdrawal Policy: A withdrawal is applied when the participant's tutor or manager completes and sends a withdrawal form that includes the reason for this and authorized signatures. This document must be requested from the Techno Inventors Administrative Office at: info@technoinventors.com. It will be determined if the Return Policy applies. If not applied, the tutor or manager is obliged to pay the pending balance according to the same criteria of the Return Policy.

24. Return Policy: The parent, guardian or manager agrees to comply with the payments of the project as established in the Payment Commitment signed by it, unless the balance has been made at the beginning of the program (as applicable). In case of non-attendance or cancellation of the service, a refund will be calculated based on the following criteria:

  • A. From the original cost (without discounts although these have already been applied) a retention of 20% will be made. The tutor or manager is obliged to pay the difference in case he does not comply with this requirement, since with the enrollment material and administrative expenses are incurred.
  • B. There will be a fixed cancellation or cancellation processing fee of $ 30.00.
  • C. The service offered will be calculated based on 80% of the total cost of the program (as established in the circular letter that is delivered at the beginning of the project) versus the attendance of the participant to the classes of the course and the total of meetings scheduled for said draft.
  • D. In case of deposit to reserve space, it is not refundable.

25. Anyone under 18 years of age will be picked up in the designated area, by an adult (over 18 years old) authorized to sign on the pick-up list to take them, previously signed by the minor's guardian or manager.

26. In the event that the participant is not picked up at the time the program concludes (departure time), an additional charge of $ 35.00 will be made for each half hour, which will be paid at the time or no later than the next day. working.

  • A. After the departure time, all participants meet in a common area, for the proper management of the collection.
  • B. A report of the minutes incurred and the total amount to be paid will be delivered to your hand.
  • C. We will appreciate that in case of an emergency and you foresee that it will not arrive on time, you call us to inform your child that you will be late in arriving so you do not despair or anxiety.
  • D. To avoid this additional charge, you can authorize your child to leave the classroom by means of a written document that is provided in the Techno Inventors administrative office, releasing us from said responsibility. In that case this charge would not apply.

27. In the event that the project is being carried out in an educational institution other than the Polytechnic University and this has the resources of extended hours, the class is immediately over, the students will be automatically transferred by our staff and the staff of "Schedule Extended ”will be the person in charge of signing the pick-up waiver and no additional charge will apply on our part.

28. I declare that I authorize my child to participate in the fun and educational programs of Techno Inventors.

29. I am aware that within the objectives of the program, during the development of the workshop information is collected from the participant; even in photos and videos, therefore I authorize the use, for educational purposes, of my child's image in the photos or video recordings that will be taken, regardless of their recording format (DVD, Web, WhatsApp, etc.). Otherwise my child will not be able to participate in the program, since Techno Inventors does not distinguish between persons in this regard.

30. Likewise, I also take over from the educational institution (where the technology workshops are being held), the non-profit organization Techno Inventors and all the member entities of its alliance, Professor Cesar Cabrera and all his staff, from all over the world. responsibility, accidents or situations beyond their control during their participation in the program.

31. I promise to work together with the Techno Inventors staff and the educational institution, so that order and discipline are maintained in the classroom, ensuring that my child follows the General Agreements of the program.

32. In case of emergency, in our work team we have personnel duly certified and trained in First Aid and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). As a first resource and following the Rule of the Chain of Survival of the American Heart Association, we will proceed to attend to the situation and if necessary, we will call Advanced Medical Emergencies for the transportation of the participant, to the corresponding medical center. I authorize Professor Cesar Cabrera Santiago, Executive Director of Techno Inventors or his authorized representative to proceed with it; who is obliged to inform me as soon as possible what happened and the action taken.

33. These General Agreements are subject to change without prior notice.

34. By registering my child to participate in any of the Techno Inventors projects, I agree to comply with the terms and conditions of the General Agreements of Techno Inventors and the Educational Institution where the workshops are held.

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